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Firmware release notes for sensor family: QG65N/QG76N CANopen (F-type)
Last Updated 2 years ago

Known issue, scheduled for new releases Temporary workaround
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Firmware version number Changes with respect to previous version Date of release
V6.4Improved EMCY(emergency) message ‘ERR_HARDWARE(0x5000) in case of an internal non-recoverable EEPROM error. Now divided in three EEPROM blocks. Sensor will stay in pre-operational state if this error exists.2019-11-12
V6.3Minor improvements of factory calibration process
V6.2Incidentally one of the MEMS chips does not start up properly. Rebooting the device solves this issue in most situations. This modification improved the initialisation of the MEMS chips in such a way that the sensor will start up normally.2019-08-05

TPDO message optimized: ±180° sensor: empty TPDO-bytes removed. Sensor output: PDO byte 2,1

TPDO messages optimized: TPDO2 default off.

TPDO-mapping implemented according to CANopen standard, see manual for details

Centering limits adjustment disabled, preventing the sensor from being used outside specification

Several Manufacturing related objects disabled for end-user

General accuracy improvements

Restore function set to restore to DIS defaults:
125kbit/s, Node-ID 1

Add password function for factory setting adjustments

Set default TPDO1 event time to 50ms (improved dynamic behaviour in combination with 32 TAB filter

Reset communication changed from 1 Mbit/s to the latest stored settings

Device now supports 50kbit/s baud rate

Adjusted to the latest CANopen standard

For acceleration mode: switching between RMS and Peak mode improved

32 TAB filter added in ±30° and ±90° measuring range, in order to improve sensor behaviour in vibrating situations

One-build firmware, will replace 4 firmware-builds v5.x: Inclination ±30°, ±90°, ±180° and acceleration ±8g This build is backwards compatible to the former v5.x firmware version, except TPDO mapping procedure, see manual

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