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Release notes for PC program: DIS Configurator CAN
Last Updated a year ago

Known issue, scheduled for new releases Temporary workaround

Firmware version number Changes with respect to previous version Date of release
V bug fixes and textual improvements
• Object 6030 removed from mappable list
• Add X-axis info in Graph copy data
• Minimum display resolution reduced to 1360x768
• Actual inclination value added to live graph
• Sync transmission type mapping error corrected
• Various minor typo’s
August 31th 2021
V fixed:
• Live data for objects 6401.04 and 6401.05 now available
• Introduction of QG65N2 support
• Zeroing progress message + result feedback
• Small UI improvements
May 25th 2021
v fixed:
• descriptions of TPDO mapping objects
• Improved feedback while scanning nodes
• Improved user interface while using scaling on laptops
• Warning for Load factory default settings added
• Disable event-time in sync mode
March 18th 2021
v1.0.5.4058Initial release

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