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Firmware release notes for sensor family: QG40N Tiltswitch SIL1
Last Updated 6 months ago

Known issue, scheduled for new releases Temporary workaround

Firmware version number Changes with respect to previous version Date of release
V2.0Functionality added to support another MEMS chip also.

Extra safety test added at startup to test two cascaded output FET’s

Minor bug fixes
May 2022
V1.6V1.6 ‘peak suppression filter’ functionality added to make the tilt switch sensor less sensitive for impacts. Always ‘on’.

Acceleration switch functionality added. Now the device can switch at a predefined g-force level between 0.1 and 8g.
PEAK & RMS modes available.
Measuring interval: for PEAK fixed (40ms), for RMS factory programmable (n*40ms). N=integer. Max 10sec.
Omnidirectional function (2 or 3 axes) available
Earth gravity g-focre compensation available
Acceleration switch functions not supported by the QG40N configurator. May 2020
May 2020
V1.5V1.5 Incidentally the MEMS chips does not startup properly. Rebooting the device solves this issue in most situations.
This modification improved the initialisation of the MEMS chip in such a way that the sensor will always startup properly.

Add option to do calibrate more precise (finer pitch) in order te lower the quantity of factory -rejects.
Serial communication (by centering wire) made more robust by optimize voltage levels of the single wire interface (factory and configurator usage)

Insert ‘1g subtract’ register. With this register enabled the factory can create a 3-axis omnidirectional acceleration switch where the 1g earth gravity is compensated automatically in all sensor positions

Improved calibration pitch in order to reduce accuracy rejects.
Improved one-wire communication protocol to solve bugs in communication with QG40N configurator Released in v1.6
Released in v1.6
V1.4Timing issue solved (disable all interrupts when writing to EEPROM)

V1.3Change of output-mode (for factory testing only)
V1.2Serial communication (by centering wire) made more robust (factory and configurator usage)
V1.1MEMS selftest repeat time made adjustable by register setting (for factory use only)
v1.0Initial release

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