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The centering of a sensor fails. What could be wrong?
Last Updated 4 years ago

For safety reasons the centering feature is only available during the 1st minute after power-up and for another 1 minute after a successful centering action. Centering is done by connecting the sensor to the centering wire (not connected/ loose). Then you have to hold the centering wire for at least 0.5 seconds to 'ground'. The sensor has to see the transition from 'loose' to 'ground'.

In addition, some sensors (usually the ones which are mounted horizontally) has a centering – range which is limited to ± 5° pertaining to horizontal to prevent the sensor is centered at eg. 30° tilt and not functioning properly. Vertically mounted sensors have no range limitation and can be centered over the full 360°. A possible limitation of the centering function is always specified in the datasheet.


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