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How do I interprete the model name?
Last Updated 10 months ago

All DIS Sensors have a unique product code from which the specifications of each product can be recognized. In the documents below, you can see exactly what all the numbers and letters stand for.

QG series identification

QR series identification

For example:


Some special cases:

  • QG65N-KDXH-030-CAN-CFM-P1554. Customized prototypes are with a Pxxxx number at the end. All customized settings are bound with this P number which we can use to trace the customer information.
  • QG65-KD-001..025H-ASP-CM. Usually, we specified the switch points in the name of tilt switches, such as QG65-KD-025H-ASP-CM, where the sensor switches at ±25°. However, in some older models, we used the range instead of switch points. For instance QG65-KD-001..025H-ASP-CM, where 001...025 means switch point can be configured within  ±1° and ±25°. In this case, please always refer to the datasheet for the details.

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