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How to zero a CAN safety sensor.
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We use a QG65N-KDXYh-090-CANS-C(F)M-2d as example.

Some preparation work first. You'll need
1. the CANS inclination manual:
2. the CRC generator.
3. the CRC manual.

Now we can start.
  1. Mount the sensor at your wished zero position. Pay attention, for 2 axis horizontal mounting sensor, there is a 7.5° offsest limit, which means X or Y axis should not tilt more than ±7.5° than the default zero position. If you mount the sensor at a wrong position, the zero adjustment will fail.
  2. Put the sensor in "pre-operational" mode.
  3. Go to the CANS inclination manual, we can find the CAN Object Dictionary Entries for ±90h devices at page 14.
  4. Write 01h, 02h or 03h* to object 0x300Fh-01h , depending on the type of sensor, and on which axis to zero.
  5. Check if the zero adjustment is successful by reading the same object 0x300Fh-01h. If you read 00h, it means you have zeroed sensor successfully. If you placed the senseor at a position where the zero offset is over the 7.5° limit, you will get error code:
    FFh = X axis over limit, zero failed.
    FEh = Y axis over limit, zero failed.
    FDh= both X and Y over limit, zero failed.
  6. Save the zeroing information, by writing “save” in ASCII Or “65766173h” to object 0x1010h-01h.
  7. As zeroing affects safety, it affects the CRC-(checksum)-calculation which must be re-calculated as follows:
    1. read the new offset values from object 0x6200h-01h (longitual / X) and -02h (lateral / Y)
    2. write the settings in de CRC generator program, together with node-ID, sensor type and firmware version. (the CRC manual explains how it works) image
  8. Write the calculated CRC code for centering into object 0x63FF-01h.(The information over CRC centering is at page 13.)
  9. Write “A5h” to object 0x63FEh-00h to enable the Pre-set configuration signature.
    Now the sensor is centered, and should provide SRDO’s with axis information.

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