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How can I configure a CAN sensor with my PC?
Last Updated 2 years ago

You can read the CAN sensor with your PC, but you'll need some tools fist:
  • External power supply (8-30V) for the sensor.
  • CANopen to USB adaptor.
  • Customised cable M12 Can to D-Sub9 CAN with external power and GND plug. 120Ω terminal resistance is soldered inside the connector. You can order this cable from us or make one by yourself.
(DIS pt number: PT-351 (A t/m G).)
  • Software which can reads CANopen devices. E.g. PCAN-View
After everything is set, you can easily configure the object dictionary or reading output with your PC.

You can also order the CAN configurator set from DIS.

CAN Manual

You can download manuals here:

you’ll find many different versions there, read this file to find the right one.

You can look up the firmware version on the sticker on the sensor. If the sticker is missing, you can read it on Object Dictionary index 1018h sub-index 03h.

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