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Configure CANopen output with TPDO mapping parameters
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Process Data Object (PDO)

The PDO is used to process real time data such as measured angle, temperature etc. PDOs are transmitted in the NMT operational state only, and may be transmitted when a mapped process data is changing.

DIS sensors support 2 TPDOs. The data transmitted with TPDOs can be configured with TPDO mapping parameters object 1A00h and 1A01h. TPDO1 sends the default sensor output, TPDO2 can be configured with more output data. In default TPDO2 is disabled. By configuring the TPDO mapping parameters, user can get for example the raw acceleration value from an inclination sensor, or inverse the measuring direction(± of the angle/acceleration value).

TPDO mapping paramters

  • Object 1A00h contains the mapping parameters for the TPDO1.
  • Object 1A01h contains the mapping parameters for the TPDO2.
  • The value indicates the index, sub-index of the mapped object, and the data length.

For example, the TPDO1 mapping parameters of a 2-axis ±30° inclination sensor is configured as in Table 1. 

Table 1

The TPDO2 mapping parameters  is configured as in Table 2. 

Table 2

Sensor Output objects

The output of DIS CANopen sensors is explained in each manual. For example, CAN Manual F-type DIS for Inclination and Acceleration sensor with firmware v6.x
Object 6401h is used to store the sensor output.

Inclination 2-axis (horizontal plane): 2x ±30°

e.g. In default, TPDO1 sends the X and Y angle, which are the filtered inclination values. TPDO2 sends the raw counts, which are uncalibrated sensor-chip values direct proportional to the g-force (no offset/gain compensation, no temperature compensation and no non-linearity calibration). The raw counts are with scale 512=1g, so 1 count = 2 mg

Inclination 1-axis (vertical plane): ±180°
Acceleration 3-axis (horizontal plane): up to 3x ±8G

PDO mapping procedure

The following procedure shall be used for re-mapping, which may take place during the NMT state Pre-operational and during the NMT state Operational. 

PDO mappping procedures

Example – set object 6010h.00h to TPDO1 mapping

Example setting TPDO1 mapping

For dynamic inclinometers, you can also change the function mode instead of the TPDO mapping to get a predefined outputs mapping. Watch this video to learn more.

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