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Do you have any salt spray test report?
Last Updated a year ago

We don't have any salt spray test here in DIS, so I can't provide you any salt corrosion rating or reports. But we believe that our sensors with plastic housing do have good salt resistance ability.

We need to look at 3 important parts relating to a salt resistance ability.
1. Housing.
QR40EMN housing material is PBTP. QR30 housing is made with PBT. So they are both PBT plastic. if you look at the chemical resistance chart here:
you will find that PBT plastic is actually quite good against salt corrosion (calcium chloride or sodium chloride)

2. Potting.
All DIS sensors are potted with special compound to protect the circuits from water/chemical corrosion/shock. Polyurethane potting compound is widely used in electronic products, and have good chemical resistance.

3. Cable/Connector.
M12 connector is moulded with plastic, but customers should pay attention to leave no air in the connection so the pins are protected from the air. If you order the cable version, PVC cable or PUR cable are also salt resistant.

Salt is mainly dangrous for metal, not plastic, so I believe sensor with plastic housing has no problem with it.

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