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The accuracy of QG76-SD-090H-CAN-C(F)M is overall 0,09° typ. (-60°…+60°) ,but the measuring range of the sensor is ± 90° . So what is the accuracy from 60° to 90°(-60° to -90° ) ?
Last Updated 3 months ago

The accuracy from 60° to 90° is quite bad that we don’t guarantee it anymore in the datasheet. In fact we suggest our customers to use this model only for applications within ±60°.

The theory behind is that this model uses a 90° inclination MEMS. the angle calculation is an arcsin wave and the non-linearity error outside ±60° is too big to be controlled. All sensors using this principle will have the same problem. We do have calibration which will help to get a better corrected output outside ±60°, however we are cautious with the datasheet, that’s why the measuring range is 90° but the accuracy is only guaranteed within ±60°.

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