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Guest User vs Registered User
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What is a User?

Users are the ticket owners of the tickets in the help desk. When a ticket is created in the help desk, the user is associated with their email address in the User Directory of the help desk. Users can be added or deleted from the User Directory of the help desk at any time. Please note, if the user is deleted the tickets of the user must also be deleted.

Guest User vs Registered User

Guest users can check ticket status with the combination of your email address and the ticket number. However registeration is required for submitting a new ticket.

If a User is registered, this means they have created an account and verified their email. Once registered, they will be able to access all tickets they have in the help desk. Users can create their own User account or they can be added from the Agent Panel of the help desk. If added internally, the Agent will need to send the registration email for the User to verify their email address prior to becoming a registered user. Guest Users don’t require registration to submit tickets.

How to register?

Have An Account Already? Account Registration

Once you have completed the registration process, you will need to follow the email link that you receive to confirm the account.

Account Confirmed

To login, simply visit the main portal for the help desk and enter the credentials that you registered with.

Sign In Page

The benefit of creating a user account is that all tickets associated with your account will be listed in the ticket queue.

Ticket Queue Page

Managing Registered UsersA pop up box will appear; click on the Manage Access tab to configure these features.

Manage Access Tab

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