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Firmware release notes for sensor family: QGxxD/N2 CANopen/J1939 H/I-type
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This document is valid for:
• QGxxD CANopen Dynamic Inclinometer H-type
• QGxxD J1939 Dynamic Inclinometer
• QG65N2 CANopen Static Inclinometer I-type
• QG65N2 J1939 Static Inclinometer

Known issue, scheduled for new releases Temporary workaround
The 2 bytes in object 1003h (predefined error register) containing 'manufacturer error data' are currently swapped. The emergency message itself is OK.
Ignore 1003h or ‘swap back’ after reading
Store parameters object 1010h subindex 02h, 03h, 04h not implemented according CiA standardUse object 1010h subindex 01h to store each parameter

Firmware version number Changes with respect to previous version Date of release
V0.6.1Bugfix: small risk of oscillating sensor eliminated.
Improved algorithm to reduce slowly growing offset error.
CAN object dictionary optimized
J1939 Interface functionality added.
October 19th 2021
V0.3.12Function modes 6+7 added (QGxxN2 only) Disable function modes 4+5 for QGxxN2
Improved dynamic algorithm in slow moving situations
May 25th 2021
V0.3.4Initial releaseDecember 1st 2020

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